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Paper sheet stabilizing is an extremely important factor for modern paper machine.

The continuous increasing of production speed requires systems able to assure the best support of the paper sheet in the machine drying section.

Here below you can find a list of the main advantages that can be obtained thank to a modern and efficient drying section ventilation system:

• Improving of paper quality thanks to the elimination of defects due to paper flattering, edges curling, bubbles formation , wrinkles formation and striations.

• Improving of cross machine direction CD paper moisture profile, thanks to the proper drying section ventilation system that avoids dangerous stagnations into the pockets.

• Improving of drying capacity of the machine thanks to the better paper evaporation conditions in the drying section.

• Reduction of cross machine direction CD paper shrinkage thanks to the better paper support.

• Reduction of paper breaks thanks to the better web sheet stability, to the reduction of open draws and to the perfect control of air flows inside the pockets.

• Possibility to have drying sections with no rope system of tail threading.

The specific characteristics of each paper machine drying section require to study the most suitable solutions to solve problems of sheet stabilization and pocket ventilation.

Thank to our complete range of blowing boxes and sheet stabilizers, we can realize specific solutions for each different type of paper machine drying section.

Configuration of paper machine drying section is different relating to products range and to operating speed.

On the base of web stabilizing and ventilation, four different types of paper machine can be described:

• light weight paper machine with high production speed,

• light weight paper machine with medium production speed,

• medium weight paper and board machine with high production speed,

• high weight paper and board machine with medium and low speed.

For each one of these different paper machine drying section configurations, we have developed a range of specific blowing boxes, studied to allow a perfect sheet stabilization and a proper pocket ventilation.

Design of the sheet stabilizer blowing boxes and blowing slots position are specifically studied for each different mechanical design and geometry of the pockets.

It is of primary importance even the design of heating and blowing system, able to assure correct air flow, air temperature and pressure.