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Air Handling Systems

Paper machine drying section ventilation system and heat recovery system have the function to assure a proper air balance in the paper drying process.

Consequently, ventilation system has to maintain the correct ratio between hood exhaust air and pocket ventilation  blowing air.

Evaporated water, produced by drying process, has to be removed by exhaust air system and expelled from hood to atmosphere, in order to avoid an increase of humidity with consequence of a reduction of evaporating capacity in the drying section.

For these reasons, it has a key role in productivity and control of energy consumption of paper machine and it is one of the best way to establish the proper environment conditions for operators of machine room.

Energy content of exhaust air from hood is a considerable quote of energetic balance in a paper mill and, if it is properly used, it is an instrument for reducing costs of production.

Lario Energy has developed a wide range of heat recovery units able to assure a short pay back of the investment.