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Yankee and MG Hoods

Based on the over 30 years experience in drying technology, Lario Energy, developed a new generation of high efficiency hoods to respond to tissue manufacturers’ new and higher identified needs and values.

Based on the concept of no fix contact points between the cold and hot sections of these hoods, for allowing the optimum thermal expansion without any stresses and/or deformations, the design is fulfilling, and achieved, the following benefits:

  1. drying and energy efficiency optimization;
  2. homogenous paper dryness due to the optimized nozzles matrix and geometry; 
  3. energy saving (thermal and electrical);
  4. sheet stabilization and control of ballooning effect;
  5. full control of the drying profile;
  6. better drying paper edges control.

Lario’s high efficiency hoods are easily installed and adjusted, with a always perfect clearance between the Yankee dryer and the hood itself, due to our “curve” control construction method.

Lario can fully support its Customers (paper mills directly, as well as machine manufacturers) for revamping on existing machines or, complete new projects.

All our hoods are designed carefully looking at the safety, with a low maintenance concept and easy cleaning for improving the machines runnability and efficiency.

Each hood is dimensionally customized and can work with steam, gas and diathermic oil, following the Customer specifications and requests.