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Lario Energy, on the base of its know-how, coming from more than 30 years of experience in design and realization of hundreds of air handling systems and steam systems for every kind and dimensions of paper machines, has developed an innovative and powerful automation and control system.

This system comes from a rising enquiry from final users of simplicity, efficiency and precision in managing steam and condensate system: modern systems in fact, are equipped with an increasing number of control loops, in order to assure flexibility and adaptation to the production.

In particular, new drying sections, equipped with fixed siphons, need a marked subdivision of drying cylinders to assure the correct control of condensing charge, which has remarkable variation from drying cylinder to another one. This configuration of drying section needs a drastic increase of control loops of steam and condensate system.

Lario Energy supplies and starts DCS – PCS systems, complete of software specialized for managing of steam and condensate systems and air handling systems, able to eliminate all well-known problems in managing and control.